What is Scoop 6?

The Scoop 6 is a horse racing bet which can win you millions. 

Below are a few examples of some big amounts which have been won.

June 2016 the pool was at £3.5m, after rolling over for a number of weeks before it was won at Royal Ascot.

In May 2014, eight winners shared a record £10.7million in the Scoop 6 win pool. They picked up £1.3million each and then got to play for a £5.4m bonus fund the following Saturday, which three of them won.

By coming together as a Club it gives us a better chance of winning life changing amounts of money than other players as we can choose more horses with a bigger kitty to play with.

How does it Work?

The Scoop 6 bet runs every Saturday. It involves picking a horse in each of six specific UK horse races which are announced on the Friday. If you pick the winner in each of the six races you win the pool.

You also play for the place dividend. If you manage to pick a placed horse in each of the six races. This acts as a consolation, so the bet is at least still live if one of your selections places rather than wins.

You can pick more than one horse in each race to increase your chances but that will increase the cost of the bet. The cost is £2 per line so if you pick one horse in each of the six Scoop 6 races you bet will cost £2. If the bet is not won it rolls over to the next week. This is how the pool grows considerably to the figures mentioned at the top of the page. Similar to the lottery with a rollover but skill is involved in the Scoop 6.

By coming together as a Club we have more money in the kitty. This means we pick more horses in each race and only one of those horses need to win.

The Maths for a Bigger bet?

If you pick more than a single horse in each race then you just multiply the numbers chosen in each race to get the total number of lines that you have. Here is an example below:

Race 1: THREE (horses selected), Race 2: TWO, Race 3: FIVE, Race 4: THREE, Race 5: ONE (BANKER), Race 6: TWO.

Working out the number of lines and bets that you have made just multiply the numbers. Using the example above that is 3 x 2 x 5 x 3 x 1 x 2 = 6 lines = 180 bets @ £2 each = £360 total stake.

If you win the Scoop 6 there is a bonus chance the next week: If you are lucky enough to win the Scoop 6 then you get all the money in the win fund. It doesn’t stop there as you have the opportunity to win the Scoop 6 Bonus Fund by selecting the winner of a single race the following Saturday. Although the race in question is always a very competitive handicap horse race for you to try and find the winner.

The Bonus Fund can sometimes be huge. In May 2014, after many rollovers, the bonus fund had reached a record £5.4million.

What is so good about the Scoop 6?

It is kind of similar to the lottery with a Scoop 6 bet you can use your skills to choose your selections. The Scoop 6 is also very exciting entertainment and furthermore it is broadcast on ITV Racing so you can enjoy it in front of your TV.

Watching a race is always much more interesting if you have money riding on it. If you get even half way through the Scoop 6 bet, surely that’s more exciting than buying a lottery ticket.

That is the Scoop 6 Bet explained in full and as you can see if you are tackling it by yourself it is a very hard task of winning unless you are willing to spend thousands each to narrow your chances.

This is where the JPW Scoop 6 Club comes into play. You have the ability to buy certain amount of shares and all the money accumulated is pooled together and we sometimes end up with a perm like this : 5X5X4X3X3X2. You only need one horse from each race that you have selected to go on to the next race. We are narrowing down the odds massively.

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What else we play?

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We also play the Jackpot/Placepot which is similar to the Scoop 6. We wait until the the Win Fund reaches over £15k before getting involved in this. Learn more CLICK HERE.


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