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Wednesday 4th May – Friday 13th May (6 Days of top class action)


Closes Midday Wednesday 4th May

Shares start at £60 per share

Our next Festival Syndicate will be a double syndicate split across 2 festivals, the Chester Festival which get’s underway on Wednesday 4th May, running for 3 days, and then the York Dante Festival which again runs for 3 days and gets underway on Wednesday 11th May. Both are top class festivals and the beauty of this syndicate is your shares are split over 2 festivals. 

The Cheltenham Festival Syndicate, Aintree Festival and Punchestown Festival were successful and very fun, with a decent amount returned to everyones account. We were just shy of making it an absolute huge Festival Syndicate on Gold Cup Day at the Cheltenham Festival as we had 5 from 6 on the Jackpot. Same with Aintree where on one of the days we returned a big placepot win of £7800.  

We are running a complete Syndicate which will cover you for the Yankee, Placepot and Jackpot Syndicate at the Chester Festival and York Dante Festival.

We will close for payment at midday on Wednesday 4th May.

Obviously the more shares purchased the less admin fee paid per share.

We have ran some very successful Festival Syndicates in the past and I am sure this one will be no different.

The Jackpot and Placepot at both festivals attract a lot of money which ultimate results in bigger dividends per line.

How much are the shares?


Shares start at £60.00 but the more share you buy the more you share is worth.

1 SHARE = £60 (£50 in kitty + £10 admin fee), 2 SHARES £115 (£100 in kitty +£15 admin fee), 3 SHARES = £170 (£150 in kitty + £20 admin fee), 4 SHARES = £220 (£200 in kitty + £20 admin fee), 5 SHARES = £270 (£250 in kitty +£20 admin fee), 6 SHARES = £320 (£300 kitty + £20 admin), 7 SHARES = £370 (£350 kitty + £20 admin), 8 SHARES = £420 (£400 kitty + £20 admin), 9 SHARES = £470 (£450 kitty + £20 admin), 10 SHARES = £520 (£500 kitty + £20 admin), 15 SHARES = £770 (£750 kitty + £20 admin), 20 SHARES = £1020 (£1000 kitty + £20 admin)

All selections will be emailed to everyone 30 minutes before the first race on each day of the Chester and York Dante Festival Syndicate and the Jackpot/Placepot Syndicate.

We have a number of different shares available which suit just about anyone. All selections are sent out before racing each day so you know exactly who to cheer on. All money won will be split equally amongst each share purchased.


How to place an order

There are three ways to place an order, depending on your JPW Scoop 6 Account balance.

1. If you have enough in your JPW Scoop 6 Account balance to pay for the shares, simply select your product from below and go through the checkout process, ensuring that you click ‘Use account funds’ at the checkout.

2. If you do not have enough in your JPW Scoop 6 Account, please follow the instructions below.

3. If you wish to transfer by Paypal please drop us an email.


Placing an order via bank transfer

Please use the form below to place your order for the Chester and York Festival Syndicate. You will need to transfer the amount indicated on the dropdown menu in the order form below, using the bank details below. We recommend that the reference contains your surname i.e. Walsh.

Note that all orders and transfers will be manually checked to ensure that each person receives the correct service.

Bank: Natwest
Name: JPW Scoop 6 Limited
Sort code: 01-05-48
Account: 40198553

Once money transferred via bank transfer please make sure the form is also completed or email us to let us know the money has been transferred.

Remember if you do have £60 or over in your JPW ACCOUNT when you log in, you can use this to buy a share below.

Bank order form


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