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Tote Ten Follow Syndicate


The Tote Ten To Follow is back by popular demand and we are creating a Tote Ten To Follow Syndicate. 
By coming together to create a SUPER STABLE, it will put us in with a great chance of winning.
The plan is to have 13-15 horses in the stable which create anything between 286 – 3003 stables, if we can raise enough money. These 13-15 will then put together in all sorts of combinations.
As many of you will know I live and breath National Hunt Racing and create a 40 to follow book each season. We have got off to a cracking start this season and area already operating at over 45% return on investment.
By coming together I really believe we can go and win it.
One share will start at £12 and you can buy anything up to 20 shares at £205.
The stable will then be emailed to everyone with the receipt attached at 10am, Saturday 30th November just before closing at midday. 
The stables will simply be called JPW Racing Tipster 1 – JPW Racing Tipster 3003.
If we can raise £1430 we can have 13 horses at and 286 stables.
If we can raise £5005 we can have 14 horses at and 1001 stables.
If we can raise £15,015 we can have 15 horses at and 3003 stables.
This is a big opportunity for everyone with a huge amount of money on offer, so get involved today. It is also going to be a fun season especially with so many stables between us all.
Be the one to say to your friends, I won the Tote Ten To Follow at the end of the season.
You will be able to check the progress via the league table which will updated as soon as each result is in, via the Tote website.
We will also email everyone each Monday and update everyone where we are in the table and we are getting on.
Any winnings will then be split equally against each share sold.
How to buy shares and how much are shares?
1 SHARE = £30 (£25 in kitty + £5 admin fee), 2 SHARES £57.50 (£50 in kitty +£7.50 admin fee), 3 SHARES = £85 (£75 in kitty + £10 admin fee), 4 SHARES = £110 (£100 in kitty + £10 admin fee), 5 SHARES = £135 (£125 in kitty +£10 admin fee), 6 SHARES = £160 (£150 kitty + £10 admin), 7 SHARES = £185 (£175 kitty + £10 admin), 8 SHARES = £210 (£200 kitty + £10 admin), 9 SHARES = £235 (£225 kitty + £10 admin), 10 SHARES = £260 (£250 kitty + £10 admin), 15 SHARES = £385 (£375 kitty + £10 admin), 20 SHARES = £510 (£500 kitty + £10 admin)
If you have more than £12 in your account via then you can use the balance to buy shares on the website.
If you don’t have enough on your balance or don’t already have an account:
You will need to send a bank transfer to:
We recommend that the reference contains your surname i.e. TTTFWalsh.

How to place an order

There are two ways to place an order, depending on your JPW Scoop 6 Account balance.

1. If you have enough in your JPW Scoop 6 Account balance to pay for the shares, simply select your product from below and go through the checkout process, ensuring that you click ‘Use account funds’ at the checkout.

2. If you do not have enough in your JPW Scoop 6 Account, please follow the instructions below.

Placing an order via bank transfer

Please use the form below to place your order for the Saturday Scoop 6 or Jackpot (use same form). You will need to transfer the amount indicated on the dropdown menu in the order form below, using the bank details below. We recommend that the reference contains your surname i.e. TTTFWalsh.

Note that all orders and transfers will be manually checked to ensure that each person receives the correct service.

Bank: Natwest
Name: JPW Scoop 6 Limited
Sort code: 01-05-48
Account: 40198553

Once money tranferred via bank transfer please make sure the form is also completed or email us to let us know the money has been transferred.

Remember if you do have £12 or over in your JPW ACCOUNT when you log in, you can use this to buy a share below.

Bank order form


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