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What is the Scoop 6 Club small print?

Club Name: JPW Racing Tipster Scoop 6

Club Manager: JPW Racing Tipster


By this Agreement dated _/_/2017, the following is agreed:

1 – The Club members are as set out in Schedule 1 of this Agreement which will be sent with selections on_/_/2017. There shall be a maximum of 1000 Club members as listed in Schedule 1.

​​​​​​​2 – The Club shall participate in the Tote Scoop6 competition on_/_/2017.

3 – The subscription of each share shall be £10.00 with an Admin Fee on top. This is to cover 3.4% Paypal fee, Admin work, Bank charges and Tipster wages. As many shares can be purchased as you like in units of £10.

4 – Any winnings or dividend won in respect of the Club Scoop 6 entry shall be divided equally among the members listed in Schedule 1 incorporated herein.

5 – The Club Manager shall be responsible for:

A – Deciding upon the selections for entry into the Scoop6 and advising the members by email (or emailed betting receipt – see 5c below), such email/betting receipt to be sent prior to the commencement of the first race in the Scoop6 entry, of the chosen selections. This will be before the first race starts on a Saturday.

B – Provided the Club Manager has acted honestly and in good faith the Club Manager shall not be held liable to any member for loss or damage arising out of the failure by the Club Manager to adhere to the terms of this Agreement.

C – Each Member agrees to not disclose any information to any party who has no interest in this agreement.


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