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Welcome to the new JPW Scoop 6 Club

Our new JPW Scoop 6 Club website has launched…

This has been a long time coming and something we have been planning for 9 months. Many of you will know this, but for those who don’t, the JPW Scoop 6 has actually been running for around 3 years at and it has brought a lot of success in that time, including winning the Scoop 6 on 1st July 2017.

We are now proud to bring you the NEW JPW Scoop 6 Club website.

Over the last 3 years things have grown considerably regarding the Scoop 6 Club. We don’t want it stop growing and our aim is, as always, to bring everyone a club which successful, week in week out. We have now reached out to our sister site at and brought another three tipsters on board in the search to make the Scoop 6 win a regular occurrence.

We welcome to our team, DG Tips, The Snout and Architect Tips who will play a big part alongside myself in nailing the Scoop 6 many more times in the near future.

When you put four knowledgeable horse racing brains together, you are going to get consistent results, it is inevitable. All three tipsters make huge profits every year and will be an asset to the JPW Scoop 6 Club.

Nothing will rival us as a Club. If you think the previous Scoop 6 syndicate was professionally run, this Scoop 6 Club will be out of this world.

Every Friday night, each tipster will be look over the 6 scoop 6 races. We will all then reconvene on a Saturday morning with our findings over a group Skype call. We will cover every angle and no stone will be left unturned.

We hope you like the NEW Scoop 6 website and have fun navigating all the new features.

Open your JPW Scoop 6 account today.

Thanks for reading the JPW Scoop 6 blog.

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